Stickerless Speed Cube: The Moyu YJ is a great cube!

A stickerless speed cube prevents headaches and problems associated with their stickered counter parts. With a stickerless cube you never worry about replacing the stickers, cleaning your cube in a specific way to extend the lifespan of the stickers, or dealing with any residue left over by stickers.

With this in mind, I will give you my suggestion for the best stickerless speed cube on the market right now.

Moyu YJ: A Stickerless Speed Cube

stickerless speed cube

The Moyu YJ truly breaks the mold designed for stickerless speed cubes. A bright new color scheme, perfect tension straight out of the box, and low pop rate make this cube the best speed cube in the stickerless category. Whether or not that is a good or bad thing is up to you. I think it is an amazing cube. Let me tell you why.

stickerless speed cube


The Moyu YJ ditches any traditional color expectations cubers may have and utilizes a bright, neon color scheme. This is the feature that makes or breaks this cube for most buyers. Cubers who have trained for tens to hundreds of hours with the traditional color scheme of a speed cube can find this color scheme hard to get used to. It even has the potential to hurt your solving time. BUT. This color scheme truly is a breath of fresh air. The beautiful bright colors offer a happy and welcoming feeling the dull traditional cube colors simply can not touch. The vibrant pink replacing the typical red color is my favorite aspect of this cube.

Corner Cutting

This cube has a large amount of space between the corners of the pieces to allow some extra room when making close sharp turns. While this cube is not the best by any means when it comes to corner cutting, it gets the job done very well. The Moyu YJ cube is perfectly suited for the accurate cuber who is adept at making precise turns.

stickerless speed cube


To prevent popping, this cube sacrifices some corner cutting ability. Honestly, it is a good trade off. Especially for new cubers who are not as experienced. Nothing is worse than your speed cube exploding mid solve and having to get all the pieces together again.

Build Quality

The Moyu YJ is built well, and it truly shows in use. The end caps for the 6 center pieces never fall off (unless you drop it a good distance on a hard surface), and the inner workings have held up flawlessly. Cubes like the Dayan Zhanchi often have squeaky springs or easily rust over time. No such problems here.

Out-of-the-box Tensioning

I highly recommend this stickerless speed cube for beginners for several reasons. One of them being the cube’s tensioning out of the box. It is difficult to learn how to properly tension a cube without running into a thousand different issues from constant popping to uneven tensioning. The Moyu YJ alleviates these problems by coming straight from the factor perfectly tuned to be put to use immediately.

stickerless speed cube


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