Dayan Zhanchi. Is it The Best Speed Cube?

Whether or not the Dayan Zhanchi is the best speed cube is a question as old as the Dayan Zhanchi itself. The primary competitor for the Zhanchi currently is the Moyu Weilong. To find out whether the Dayan Zhanchi is the best speed cube or not, we will be putting it up against the Moyu Weilong.

Dayan Zhanchi vs. Moyu Weilong

Dayan Zhanchi

dayan zhanchi

dayan zhanchi


The Dayan Zhanchi is crazy fast. That is why we don’t recommend it for beginners who don’t need the extra speed. This cube is the fastest on the market, but that doesn’t mean it will increase your solve time. If you don’t have the skill to control the extra speed, you will run in to lock-ups, or just completely overshoot your turn causing you to mess up an important algorithm.

dayan zhanchi


The Zhanchi uses a torpedo design. If you don’t know what that means, well, just know that it will never pop. Ever. Of course, you could always remove the torpedos for a smoother and faster experience. I only recommend that option for advanced cubers, though. It causes more popping to occur if you are not extremely accurate with your turns. Though, it can also prevent more lockups.


This cube is smooth as butter and will not lock on you in all but two cases. The first being when you can’t control the cube’s speed and attempt a turn at the wrong moment. The second being when you just plain out make a bad turn. Both of these scenarios are user error and should not be used to judge the cube. If you are an intermediate level or above cuber, the Dayan Zhanchi is still the best cube for you.

dayan zhanchi


This cube is two things: precise and fast. If you are not able to handle the speeds at which this cube turns, then you will have a hard time controlling it. However, if you can control the speed, you will liking set personal records on the arrival of this cube. I recommend leaving in the torpedos for most users to get the most consistency and control.


While the Dayan Zhanchi doesn’t require much, it is more work than some competing speed cubes. Tensioning is bigger deal on this cube because it can be very finicky. It can be hard to get the tensioning even on all 6 sides. You also have to worry about whether or not you want to use the included torpedos, and if you are anything like me, you will go back and forth many times to experiment with them. While this is fun, it is also a lot of work not associated with other cubes.

dayan zhanchi



Moyu Weilong

dayan zhanchi vs moyu weilong

The Moyu Weilong has been around for years and is known by many as the best speed cube, but how does it compare to the Dayan Zhanchi?

dayan zhanchi


  • Faster than the Zhanchi
  • Extremely smooth
  • Virtually never pops or locks
  • Solid and heavy cube


  • Can be uncontrollable for some cubers

dayan zhanchi



In terms of speed, both the Dayan Zhanchi and Moyu Weilong are extremely fast cubes. They are considered the fastest on the market. However, I have found the Moyu Weilong to be a little faster thanks to its smooth design.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Dayan Cube can’t be as fast as the Moyu. With the proper control, either cube could be extremely fast.


When using the Dayan Zhanchi, you get a “clicky” response that just feels good in the hands. This is similar to the feel of a mechanical keyboard opposed to the feel of a non-mechanical one.

The Moyu Weilong feels more smooth and can be an uncontrollable cube for some cubers because of it.

Overall, the response from the Dayan Zhanchi feels great, but it comes at a price.


For the Dayan Zhanchi to be “clicky” it also has to be loud. This can prove to be a problem if you have family or friends around when you are cubing. The clicking sound can get annoying and irritate them.

Both cubes make clicking sounds, don’t get me wrong, but the Moyu Weilong is just a tad more silent. It is the preferred choice for not disturbing nearby people.

Corner Cutting

In terms of corner cutting, both cubes have strengths and weaknesses. The Dayan cube has great corner cutting and can reverse corner cut much better than the Moyu.

While the Moyu can’t reverse corner cut as well as the Zhanchi, it’s corner cutting is superb.

The cube that you find best suits your needs will depend greatly on your solving method, algorithm choice, and personal preference.


Both cubes have a very similar triple torpedo design. The Moyu Weilong as wider, smoother, and bulkier torpedoes while the Dayan Zhanchi takes a lighter, pointer approach. This is why the Dayan cube is much “clickier”.

All of the Moyu Weilong pieces feel heavier and bulkier than the Dayan Zhanchi, and it feels more solid in the hands. The Zhanchi, on the other hand, feels lighter. Depending on what you personally prefer, both cubes are very viable options.

Because the Weilong pieces are so wide and bulky, the parts are held in a lot tighter without sacrificing too much speed.

Both the cubes are available in a stickerless Rubik’s cube and a stickered Rubik’s cube variant.

Popping and lock-ups

The Moyu Weilong virtually never pops or locks up. It is such a smooth cube with bulky, wide pieces allowing it to be fast and stable.

The Zhanchi is very similar, but many find it to pop or lock-up in certain scenarios. For example, executing an algorithm too fast. The Zhanchi really requires precise movements in order to get the most out of it.

Of course, the Moyu Weilong isn’t perfect either. If you try to corner cut too quickly or perform a algorithm too fast, the center caps can pop off. While this is much easier to fix than a pop, it can still get on your nerves.


Neither cube is perfect. They both have their pro’s and con’s. Because of this, most serious cubers own both cubes and often find themselves switching between the two. If I had to pick just one, however, the Moyu Weilong would beat the Dayan Zhanchi in my book.

What is the best speed cube for you? Unfortunately, you will have to decide what you desire in a cube and compare the two. In the end, the best option is to purchase both to see for yourself which you prefer.┬áThis shouldn’t be a problem at all, as both cubes are around $10. Once you buy your first speed puzzle you will become addicted anyway!

The Dayan Zhanchi is probably the most sought after speed cube in the world. Dare I say it is the best speed cube. The Zhanchi is a powerful and speedy cube best suited for the intermediate cuber. It makes no sacrifices.


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