Best Speed Cube Lube: Good Cube

As soon as you get the new best speed cube there will always be problems with tension and friction. Even cubes that advertise to leave the factory with perfect tension and lubrication usually are not up to par with expectations. That’s why you need to have the best speed cube lube by your side when you get any speed cube in the mail.


Best Speed Cube Lube: Good Cube Lube

best speed cube lube

best speed cube lube

The Good Cube speed cube lube offers the perfect solution to a puzzle that is hard to turn because of friction between the pieces. To help you further understand why this is the best speed cube lube on the market, we will give you a quick rundown of the features this product has to offer.


The Good Cube speed cube lube is our favorite because it never rusts the metal pieces within our cubes. Rusting is a problem associated with many at-home lubrication solutions. If you do any online research you will find vaseline recommended as a lubricating solution. We suggest you to stay away from vaseline because it WILL rust the cube over time. It also slowly eats at the plastic, causing the cube to fall apart.


This bottle contains 10ml of lubricating oil. That should be enough to last you several uses. You shouldn’t lube your cube too often. leave at least a few months between lubrication sessions depending on your usage. You do not have to use this product only on a single cube, and this product works perfectly for all types and sizes of cubes from 2 by 2’s to 7 by 7’s .

best speed cube lube


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